Ethical Code

In its work “IT-Dominanta” recruiting company adheres to the following ethical code of conduct.

In relation to employers:

  • We do not offer the company-client employees to change jobs, except for the cases when the employees’ CVs are found on job sites
  • We do not take projects which are out of our company’s area of work
  • We constantly inform our clients about the progress on their projects
  • If we are unable to complete the task within certain time limits, we  immediately inform the client about it, suggesting possible solutions to the problem
  • We do not disclose any confidential information. Our clients decide what information is considered to be confidential. This is stated clearly and in advance.
  • We offer a client CVs of only those candidates with whom we conducted interviews and who confirmed their interest in the job offer and agreed to present the CV


In relation to applicants:

  • We do not take money from applicants for employment
  • We treat all applicants with respect and do not tolerate discrimination of candidates based on their nationality, gender, age, profession or any other distinctive features. 
  • We do not take actions that could have a negative effect on applicants’ current places of work
  • We provide full information about the reason for the employer refusal on the candidature of the applicant
  • All information received from our applicants as confidential shall not be disclosed or shared with any third party without applicants’ consent
  • We try to keep our applicants informed about the progress on their candidacies for the available vacancies 
  • We always try to provide the applicants with the appropriate work conditions
  • We do not work with companies with bad reputation in the job market 
  • We invite applicants to our recruitment agency only for existing vacancies


We do not make negative comments about our clients, job seekers, or competitors.


Our clients