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    Denis Kalanov Director of Development


      - The main ideologist of the project «Market Review: Salaries of IT Professionals».

      - The main ideologist of the conference for directors and HR managers of IT companies «нАйТи ответ!»

      - Development Director of «Айти-Событие.рф»portal.

    In 2004 graduated from Smolensk State Pedagogical University with major in teaching physics and computer science and minor in psychology.

    Began career as a recruiter in 2005. In 2007 became started working in ‘IT-Dominanta’ Company. In 2008, received an additional degree in ‘Enterprise Management.’ In 2009, held his first professional training ‘Methods and Techniques of IT Recruitment." In 2009 - 2013 participated as a speaker at various IT conferences.

    Denis: I love St Petersburg. I love the city of Smolensk. I love meetings with my friends, parties, board games, and beautiful girls :) Favorite number is 1 or 7. I love my job!