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Our Client, the industry’s only company exclusively focused on Java and the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), builds fully supported, standards-compliant runtimes that help enable Java-based businesses.We are looking for a DevOps engineer to join our Zing development team. You will work closely with development, performance analysis, and QA groups and your results will be crucial for timely and high quality decision making as well as the efficiency of the whole company.
• Solid understanding of software development process and modern practices, continuous integration, popular tools and platforms used for automation in this area
• Passion for automation, tools development, convenient representation of analytical data
• Strong experience in scripting: Shell, Python, JS
• Good knowledge of Java, Java development experience will be a plus
• Strong operational experience with Linux environment
• Solid understanding of L[23] network concepts
• Good knowledge of popular CI/CD frameworks (Jenkins, Buildbot, other) and configuration management tools (Ansible, Terraform etc)
• Experience with containers/PaaS (Docker, Kubernetes) and IaaS platforms (mainly AWS and OpenStack)
• Git / Mercurial experience
• Knowledge of make-based build systems will be a plus
• English: read/write technical documentation, communicate efficiently with globally distributed team via emails and phone calls
• Quick learner, self-driven, team player with good common sense and communication skills
Job duties:
• Maintenance and development of the internal continuous integration platform
• Maintenance and further evolution of the product’s build environment
• Maintenance and development of the infrastructure and tools for processing, analysis, and convenient representation of product metrics
• Development of other tools critical for the productivity of the development teams, automation of development process elements and routine activities
• Collaboration with other teams to implement most efficient devops practices and relevant frameworks and tools
Preferred locations:
• Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk

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