Вакансия перенесена в архив

Все вакансии / Lead C++ Developer/Architect / Санкт-Петербург

Our client is looking for the head of the C ++ team for one of the top companies in the field of HFT trade.
In this role, a candidate can expect exposure to a wide range of interesting and challenging problems involving high performance computing, software design and big data. Most problems require high-availability, high-throughput and low latency solutions.
our client expect the candidate to build the architecture and create a unique solution. This role also involves the creation of a strong development team and mentoring.
⚪️ Build a low-latency yet flexible monster capable of handling dozens of exchanges simultaneously!
⚪️ Create new software solutions for an automated trading software platform.
⚪️ Use knowledge of algorithms, data structures, multiprocessor object-oriented design patterns, principles of pure coding, statistical modeling, data mining and multi-threaded constructions for trading strategies and tools.
⚪️ Develop, code, maintain product quality for various components of the automated trading platform and back testing of trading strategies.
⚪️ Collaborate with technology, software, trading, business and accounting/finance teams to create software solutions.
⚪️ Build a team of strong developers